Each player represents an elephant and tries to collect as many tree logs as possibles. The tree logs are placed on a treetop. A player pulls the cord of the tree trunk and the tree starts rotating. The game is afoot!

The players have to pick up the logs with their trunk, i.e. a tooter! In addition, the logs have to be placed in their own enclosure. Each log is worth 1 point unless it has a mouse on it. In that case, the log is worth -1 points. So if you pick up a mouse, you’ll try to deliver this log to an opponent’s enclosure!

The game ends if the tree is empty or stops rotating. The player with the most points wins. For a longer game, you can play several rounds to an agreed score.

For hygienic reasons, the tooters have separate mouth pieces that can be cleaned in a dish washer.


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24 agosto, 2015